Triton Perea 9.5kW Electric Shower Review

Triton Perea 9.5kW Electric ShowerWe are huge fans of Triton showers here at Electric Shower Guide and it is easy to see why when you look at the consistently high quality products they have designed and manufactured over the years. This is why they are one of the leading names in the shower industry, particularly making electric showers. As you will know if you have browsed stores online or even the reviews of some other models on this very site, they make elegant and high tech showers for modern bathrooms.

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The Triton Perea 9.5 kW is no different to any of the previous models in terms of style, construction and cutting edge use of shower and plumbing technology. This is a very classy all over chrome design, for a very different and appealing look. It is the kind of shower you would expect to find in some fancy hotel en-suite bathroom and shower enclosure. Let’s see what else Triton have brought to the table with this particular electric shower.

Easy Push Button And Dial Controls To Increase User-Friendliness

No matter if you are at the start or end of your day and looking for that wind down or that rejuvenating boost,, the Triton Perea can give you it very easily. This shower has been designed to eliminate any worry or thought from washing time. You simply press the same button to start and to end the shower and there is also a button to select whether it is a cold, economy or high powered shower you want.

The best thing about the push button control for on and off is that it retains the settings from your previous shower, meaning you do not even have to do anything other than press that one button to get the shower you desire.
The Perea’s temperature is controlled via a very soft and easy to grip dial, making it simple and comfortable to adjust the heat of your shower every time.

Three Power Settings To Suit Your Needs And Requirements

Following on from the above, it is a good idea to look a little closer at the power options offered with this shower. There are three, as stated above, cold, economy and high and it is likely that you will find some sue for all three settings. Cold is best used for when you need to rinse off and want a break from the hot streaming water, while the economy setting is designed for the warmer months during summer when you do not need as powerful or as hot a shower that you perhaps do at other times throughout the year. Obviously the hot setting speaks for itself, this is for when you want that really strong and hot stream of water hitting you, refreshing and cleaning you at whatever time of the day you step under it.

5 Different Spray Patterns Easy Clean Shower Head

Triton know how important it is for some of their customers, maybe even you, to have a good selection of options to choose from when it comes to their shower experience. This is why with the Triton Perea they have provided 5 different and individual patterns, making it easy for you to find the right type of stream for you and not having to settle on the same one every time you shower. This is also good if you have more than one person who uses the shower in your household.
The shower head for the Triton Perea also has been designed to be easy to clean and prevent the build up of lime-scale. You simply have to rub it with a clean cloth and it will keep it nice and sparkly clean and hygienic.

Phased Shutdown For Extra Protection Against Lime-Scale

Further to the above, the Triton Perea also features a phased shut-down, so that when you turn it off, the water stops flowing more slowly and gradually, making it harder for lime-scale to build up, which in turn makes it much easier for you to look after and maintain your shower.


  • Attractive All Chrome Casing
  • Easy To Use Controls
  • Three Power Settings
  • Phased Shutdown For Preventing Lime-scale
  • 2 Year’s Full Guarantee For Parts And Labour


  • Some minor complaints about the shower head needing to be cleaned to ensure there is steady water flow


Looking at the reviews for this particular shower on Amazon UK, help to give a clearer view of what you can expect if you purchase it. This is especially handy if you can’t get to a store to see it in person. Although there has only been reviewed 13 times on the e-commerce site, it has either received 5 stars (10) or 4 stars (3) and scored an average rating of 4.8 out of 5. Most were more than happy with how well it works and felt it lived up to the reputation that proceeds Triton products.

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Despite it’s incredibly low price, this shower more than lives up to the good name of Triton and would be ideal as an elegant and efficient shower for your modern or retro styled bathroom.