Triton Forte 9.5kW Electric Shower Review

Triton Forte 9.5kW Electric ShowerThere is not many things that can compare to stepping under a nice warm and refreshing shower, whether it is right at the start of the day to get clean and ready to tackle work or whatever your schedule holds, or to finish the day scrubbing clean the dirt and sweat from your body. When you step under that shower, you want to be confident that it will work every time the way you want it to. This is why it is good to choose a company like Triton who have the experience as industry leaders and make reliable and cutting edge electric showers.

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The Triton Forte 9.5 kW is a welcome addition to the Triton family of products and with the Triton branding you know the product will be reliable and provide you repeatedly good service. Let’s see what this particular model has to offer.

Rotary Controls For Easy Adjusting Of Power And Temperature

Following on from the introduction, when you are under your shower, the last thing you want is to have to fiddle too much with knobs and buttons to get the shower to the temperature you desire. With the Triton Forte, this is not a problem as there are two rotary dial controls – one for temperature control and the other to switch between cold, eco and high power settings.

Having easy controls to adjust makes it far easier to set the shower power and temperature to what you prefer. When you turn it off and turn it back on it will retain the temperature and power setting from the previous time you used it. So you never again will have that problem of stepping under it and feeling a blast of too cold or too hot water on you.
The cold setting is ideal for rinsing off at the end of a nice hot shower and the economy setting is perfect when you want to save on your electricity and water bills during the warmer, summer months.

Multiple Water Hose And Cable Entry Points For Easy Installation

Regardless of whether you are replacing an old or broken shower and looking to upgrade or completely refitting your bathroom, the Triton Forte is suitable thanks to the multiple entry points for the wiring and hosing. It will fit into most electric and plumbing set-ups quickly and easily. It may even be possible, if you feel you are confident enough to install the shower by yourself, although it is always sensible to seek the advice and direction of a qualified plumber.

2 Years Full Guarantee Covering Labour And Parts

Triton know how important it is to have the confidence of their customers in them and that is why you will find that they always have a 2 year guarantee on their products, including the Triton Forte, covering not just labour but also parts. Unfortunately, if you are purchasing this outside of the UK you are not qualified to benefit from the warranty.

Simple But Effective And Elegant Single Shower Spray Pattern

Although there are many showers on the market that have heads with multiple spray pattern choices, the Triton Forte has a more subtle and simple approach. You do not have the versatility of other showers, but as it is Triton and they are always designed with their customers in mind, the one pattern you have is a very invigorating and enjoyable one. You are unlikely to worry about what you may be missing with other showers, while under this one.


  • Multiple Access Points for cabling and plumbing hosing for easy installation
  • Easy to control rotary temperature dial
  • Easy to control rotary power dial with three settings
  • 2 year’s full guarantee for parts and labour (in the UK only)


  • Some customers have noted issues with it not warming up quickly enough


Overall when looking over the small number of reviews for this shower on Amazon UK, it is easy to see that it is a popular item that lives up to the good name of the manufacturer. Customers time and time again comment that it is a sturdy, does what it says it does, type of shower and will only need replacing after a few years of good service and use. This is why out of the 21 reviews submitted, it has scored the full 5 star rating from 13 people and 4 out of 5 by 8 others. This high score gives it a very trustworthy 4.6 out of 5 on average.

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Simply put, if you are already a fan of Triton Showers, this will not disappoint and if you are new to them, this shower will probably have you hooked on the brand for life.