Most Powerful Electric Shower

most powerful electric showerElectric showers are very popular at the moment and if you have had a look around this site, you will understand why. Not only are they completely independent from your hot water system. This is ideal for people who have issues with their hot water or only have a particularly small tank for their hot water supply. Did you notice the kW power ratings when looking at electric shower reviews, if you have? Did you wonder what that meant in terms of the performance of the shower?

In the following post that is exactly what we are going to look at and also review what we believe is one of, if not the, most powerful electric shower on the market today. First of all, it is sensible to learn a little more about how they power is connected to the strength of the shower.

There are various things that separate one electric shower from another, but the most important thing when it comes to finding an electric shower suitable for your need, when so many look similar is the power rating. Generally there are 3 main power ratings for electric showers – 8.5 kW, 9.5 kW and 10.5 kW. And with regards to showers at least, the higher the power outage, the stronger the flow of water from the shower it should be. You should never just take the power rating as the reason for buying a shower, no matter how important an element is.

It is worth noting that the cheapest electric showers to run are the ones with power ratings of 8.5 kW. This is due to the fact they use less electricity and heat the water very slowly and use less water. However, the strongest electric showers on the markets are 10.5 kW showers, that also happen to be the most expensive. As ever, the shower power rating you choose will depend on what you physically want from a shower. If you are looking for a new shower and are intrigued by the more powerful out there, it is fair to say you should give the review of one of the most powerful showers a thorough read.

Mira Jump Multi-Fit 10.8kW Electric Shower

Mira Jump Multi-Fit 10.8kWMira are one of the most popular manufacturers of showers out there and are known for producing products are user friends, efficient and kit them out with enough extras to choose from to help you have the most unique showering experience.

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The Mira Jump Multi-Fit 10.8 kW is no exception to the above and was chosen to be featured here for a number of reasons. Most important of course with this post in mind is that it is one of the most powerful electric showers for sale at the moment, with a power rating of 10.8 kW. Along with the power rating, let’s see what else this shower has to offer.

Easy To Assemble

If you are changing out an old shower for a new one, the Mira Jump Multi-fit as the name suggests, comes with dual terminal blocks. This means it can be connected up via either the left or right side, as well as the top and bottom so you won’t have to do any rewiring to your current set-up. Also features an adjustable slide bar which makes installing the shower over the hole left by your previous unit, much easier.

Easy To Tailor Your Shower Experience

The Mira Jump comes with individually adjustable temperature and power controls. This means that you are able to adjust both settings to fine-tune the shower to your own precise preferences. The built-in pressure stabilised temperature control ensures that there are no changes in the temperature of your shower. The shower is controlled by a simple on/off button and with the eco setting you can save energy and water.

Limescale Cutting Technology For A Longer Lasting, Hygienic Shower

Mira have included the cutting edge Clearscale technology with this shower that can cut down lime-scale by 50% which helps to ensure it performs better and lasts longer. The shower head has easy rub clean nozzles to help further reduce the build-up of lime-scale.


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Easy to clean
  • Separate controls for temperature and power, great for fine-tuning


  • Some have commented that the flow through the shower head could be better

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To conclude this review, it’s a good idea to look at how other customers have found owning and using the Mira Jump. Given that it has been reviewed by 12 people and that 10 of those 12 have awarded it the full 5 star rating, with the remaining 2 people giving it a 4 star rating; it is clear to say it is a good product. Most appreciate that the shower works as well as you would want and expect it to from a company like Mira and praised how easy it is to install.