MX Intro Electric Shower 9.5kW Review

MX Intro Electric Shower 9.5kWWhile it is often used as a good indicator of a product being high quality, price should never be the sole determining factor when choosing appliances and equipment such as an electric shower for your home. It can often be the case that when you spend a lot of money on an item, you get more than you needed or wanted. It is more sensible to look for items that meet your price range and your specific requirements.

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Therefore, if you are looking for a reasonably affordable shower with enough versatility, you could do far worse than consider the MX Group’s MX Intro electric shower with a power rating of 9.5 kW. It is by no means the best on the market, but its not the worst. Let’s see what this shower has to offer for it’s extremely affordable and competitive price tag.

5 Mode Showerhead

Do you either live with a lot of different people or do you just like having a shower experience that is not only tailor-made to you as a person, but fluctuates from day to day or week to week? If so, you will appreciate MX Group’s 5 spray showerhead. While some electric showers only have 2 or 3 selections when it comes to water flow, this has 5 so that you can pick the precise style and type of shower you want on a daily basis.

Use Friendly Functions

Shower time should be a time to relax and unwind from a long hard day at work or an energy boost in the morning while you wash before starting your day. Therefore, it is important that it is as stress-free as possible. MX Group have made sure that their shower is as easy to operate as possible. There is one simple push button for on and off and the temperature is fully stabilised so it stays at exactly the level of heat you desire, even when you turn it off and come back to it.

Safety And Economic Features

If you are concerned about your water and electricity bills, you won’t need to be with this shower as it includes some handy features to help in that department. There is not only one but two ECO settings to help you reduce the amount of water and heat you use when it is not necessary. There is also a cold setting for the days when you don’t want blisteringly hot water.
Another great feature is the high temperature cut off, which helps to save you any nasty injuries when the water gets too hot and stays too hot for too long.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also keep track of the temperature of the shower via the visual indicator. It makes things a lot easier to keep track of, rather than trying to read a numbered dial.

Multi Entry Facility For Easy Self Assembly

Whether you are renovating your bathroom and this will be a completely new shower in a new space or are simply removing the old one and installing a new one, MX Group have made this shower as easy to install as possible. It may even be possible for reasonably confident DIYers to install it themselves. It is also thanks Featuring dual Eco mode, the MX Intro electric shower is by far our best selling electric shower. Beautiful chrome dials give an elegant touch to this sleek, modern power shower, giving you an excellent design alternative to the standard white designs on the market.

Full 1 Year Guarantee

When you buy things, particularly online, you want to know that the deal you are getting is a good one and that the company you are buying from is reliable and trustworthy. One way a company can gain some degree of trust is by offering a guarantee and MX Group realise this and have made it so that if you purchase this shower you will be guaranteed for repairs and replacements for the first year of ownership.


  • 5 Mode Showerhead
  • Multi Entry Facility for easy assembly
  • High Temperature Safety Cut Off


  • There has been some complaints about the shower dripping constantly, when not in use.


Looking at all of the technical details and price about a product is not really enough to make a sound purchasing decision about. It is therefore always wise to look also to actual reviews by customers who have used it. On Amazon, there have only been a few reviews for this particular shower. However, of the 8 reviews submitted, 6 awarded it the full 5 star rating. The majority of customers seem happy with how well it works and how robust it is for the reasonable price.

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With all of the above in mind, if you are looking for a lesser known but equally as effective shower for a decent price, this could be worth investigating further.