Mira Sport 9.0kW Electric Shower Review

Mira Sport 9.0kW Electric Shower ReviewAs you will have seen if you have had a chance to browse this website, there are a large variety of different electric showers available. There are many things that most have in common and some things that stand out especially about others. It is important to find the electric shower that not only suits your budget, but suits your needs, and the needs of the people who stay with you, whether it’s friends, family or just flatmates.

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The Mira Sport 9.0kW electric shower lives up to the good reputation that goes hand in hand with the brand originally started by James McFarlane Walker in 1921. Mira are a very popular brand and it’s not hard to see why when you see and use one of their cutting edge electric showers, much like the one reviewed for this post. The 9.0kW may not be the most powerful, but as you will see it is very reliable and does exactly what you’d expect it to – give you warm showers tweaked to your own preferences.

Easy To Install And Use

The Mira Sport 9.0kW has been built with ease of installation in mind. In fact because of the multiple entry points, you can install the cables into either the right or left side and the water into the top , bottom left or right. It also features an adjustable slide bar that will cover over any of the holes left from a previously installed shower. There are separate controls for temperature and power that enable you to tweak things to get just the right levels. You can simply press the on/off button to start the shower and if you are unsure if it is working or not there is a handy power light indicator which tells you.

Easy To Maintain And Safe To Use

As the Mira Sport includes the special ClearscaleTM technology, this particular electric shower lasts a lot longer by keeping lime scale at bay/ The showerhead is rub clean, so you only have to wipe it clean with some warm water and thanks to the flush to wall covering, the whole device is just wipe down-able. With the addition of the Sensi-floTM technology, you are protected as the shower will turn the heat off if the water flow is in any way obstructed.

4 Spray Pattern Showerhead And Four Power Modes

It’s always nice to have a shower that gives you options and the Mira Sport does just that, you have a choice between four different spray patterns and also four different shower mods. Eco, force, soothe and start mean that there will be a shower for everyone. The Sport also features the Opti-floTM technology which enables there to be an optimum water flow throughout the year. So no matter what time of year it is – you’ll be able to have as powerful or gentle as shower as you would like.

2 Year Guarantee

When a company has enough faith in their product not to break down that they offer a good guarantee it is usually the sign of a great product. The Mira Sport comes with a full 2 years guarantee for parts and labour. Although it is unlikely that you will need to use it, at least it is there if something goes wrong.

Mira Sport 9.0kW Electric Shower ReviewAccessories

Accessories, while not important in the overall scheme of things, make your money feel like it’s going further and are normally very practical too. The Mira Sport comes with all the usual accessories including an integrated soap dish and a hose retaining ring to keep the hose neat and tidy. The riser rail is very easy to adjust helping you to get the shower to the height and position you prefer it.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • 4 different showerhead spray patterns
  • Easy to maintain


  • Some customers have complained that the temperature can be temperamental


Based on the review above and the many customer reviews submitted regarding this excellent piece of shower engineering, it is clear to see that the Mira Sport 9.0kW is a particularly good item. Although you may have differing tastes when it comes to your daily wash, the fact that so many people have left 5 out of 5 reviews and so few have left anything less than that, is a good indication that a wide array of people with different likes and needs have all agreed that this shower is a good choice to invest in.

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