Mira Azora 9.8kW Electric Shower Review

Mira Azora 9.8kW Electric Shower reviewSometimes, when your budget can allow for it, it is good to spend money on the things that really matter, like a nice high quality shower that is not only ideal for those cold winter mornings but those hot summer nights. Mira is a very reputable brand and manufacturer of sophisticated and very intelligently and efficiently designed showers. They have been designing and manufacturing showers for a very long time now and it is easy to see why they have maintained a strong and loyal customer base, while attracting new customers all the time.

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The Mira Azora 9.8 kW is a nice addition to their already large family of products. Not only does it look amazing, as you will see from the review below, it also works like a dream too. Let’s take a look at this great shower which, although pricey, is worth every bit of its high price tag.

Elegant Frosted Glass And Chrome Design

As a stroke of genius and offering their customers something truly unique, rather than having a normal plastic or even chrome casing, the Mira Azora features a very attractive frosted glass casing and chrome fixtures and dials. This easily makes it stand out from the crowd.

Special Patented Features For Extra Safety And Hygiene

Mira have included with the Azora their own patented Sensi-Flo and Clear scale technologies to help make your shower time safer and more hygienic. Clear scale as the name suggests can help combat against the build up. Lime-scale as you probably aware is something you will want to avoid if you are looking for your shower tom last as long as possible.

Easy To Operate Controls And Buttons

Shower time should be about recuperation, rejuvenation and obviously cleaning. Therefore, it is more appealing when you have a shower that is very straightforward to use, as it cuts down a lot of faffing around in the morning or late at night when all you want to do is relax under the flow of water. With the Mira Azora there is a simple on and off button to start the shower and also simple controls to adjust it to the right settings. It will always remember those settings until they are altered, even when it has been switched off.

4 Modes For Versatile Shower Times

Mira understand the need for versatility with showers, not only for you as an individual but to cater to the whole of the family of household who share your shower and using it. The 4 mode handset gives you various options easily and features easy to clean nozzles to prevent the build up of lime-scale, with the shape of the controls mirroring the shape of the handset.


  • 4 Versatile Modes for a fine tuned shower experience
  • Easy to operate controls and buttons
  • Sensi-Flo and Clear scale technology
  • Eye-catching and Attractive Frosted Glass And Chrome design


  • Not anything noted by Amazon UK customers


It is never a very good idea to just rely on what the company says or people selling a product, because you can never be too sure whether you are going to get the whole truth or not. If you are unsure whether or not you believe the blurb about a shower, there is on way you can better judge just how good it is or not and that is by looking tom customer reviewed that have been submitted online. One of the best places to source these reviews is at Amazon UK, where you have the advantage of knowing exactly which reviewers have actually purchased the product (in this instance, shower) and who hasn’t.

If there are any negative reviews, don’t immediately feel disheartened as it doesn’t always mean that the people who had a bad experience are right. Sometimes if they have received a bad product and one that is not functioning as it should, it could be that something happened in the factory and or transit.

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Unfortunately there has only ever been 2 reviews submitted to Amazon UK regarding the Mira Azora. However, it is interesting to highlight it because both reviews gave the shower a full 5 stars. One of those customers not only commented on how good it was that the height could be changed and that it was very easy to clean.

Although this particular shower is a lot pricier than others on the market, you actually get real value for money.