GROHE NTempesta 100 9.5 KW Electric Shower Review

GROHE NTempesta 100 9.5 KW Electric Shower ReviewThis shower will suit you if you are looking for sheer indulgence, with three different spray patterns utilising the Grohe DreamSpray technology to ensure an even and powerful jet of water. It has an attractive chrome finish that is also practical as a guard against scratching and there is a protective ShockProof silicone ring around the head to stop it damaging if it falls.

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At the forefront of its values, Grohe treats quality, technology, design and sustainability as the most important. They are one of the leading bathroom fittings and sanitary manufacturers in the country and it’s not hard to see why. Although based in Germany their products are very popular over here in the UK.

The item we are reviewing in this post is one of the most sophisticated and luxurious featured on this website. The Grohe Tempesta with a Day-Time and Night-Time Grey Finish.

Choice Of 3 Different Showerhead Spray Patterns

A good shower, and we are sure you will agree with us on this one, is one that gives you a versatile range of options. Particularly if you are going to be spending the best part of £150. Fortunately the Grohe Tempesta does indeed come with a selection of spray patters, 3 to be exact – Rain, SmartRain and Jet. Three is enough for each person in your household to find one they like.

Easy To Install And Maintain

Grohe have really shown their skill and finger on the pulse of what customers really want from their electric showers with the fact that all care has been taken to ensure that the Tempesta is easy to install with the Grohe QuickFix. In addition, once you have it up and running, it is also a shower that is very easy to look after.. The Grohe SpeedClean feature enables you to remove any limescale from the face of the spray part of the showerhead with just a single wipe. There is also the Grohe ShockProof rings that protect the shower tray and head, made from silicone. Not to mention the Grohe Starlight surfaces that have been made to last and range from a variety of colour schemes from classic matt look to sparkling and shiny.

Distributes Water Optimally For Perfect Shower Experience

Thanks to the Grohe DreamSpray feature, the water is distributed evenly and at an optimal speed and pressure for a memorable shower experience. For when you want to enjoy a reasonably powerful and fast water flow without using too much energy or water, there is the Grohe EcoJoy option. In addition to these features, there is also the Grohe SprayZoon. The idea behind this is when you need and want the water to come down over a greater surface area.

Trust Earning 2 Years Parts and Labour Guarantee

Obviously reviews mean a lot, a company’s standing means a lot but there is one other thing that can help rest your mind at ease that a particular product is going to be good and that is a proper warranty or guarantee. This particular Grohe electric shower comes with a full 2 years parts and labour guarantee, so you know that the company obviously has faith in the product or they wouldn’t be willing to put their neck out and offer that if they thought it was going to be used often.

GROHE NTempesta 100 9.5 KW Electric Shower ReviewPros

  • Clever design
  • Robust
  • Thee spray settings on showerhead
  • Not too hard to install


  • Could be problematic if you don’t have the required water pressure


In summary, this is not a low priced shower and to make that price seem like good value it needs to work at a high performance level and feature enough functionality and versatility to make it worthwhile. The good news is that Grohe have done their utmost to ensure that this shower is in a class of its own. With patented shower engineering and a trendy and slimline design, there is so much to love about it.

Obviously, whether this is the right electric shower for you, is more about your own specific needs and wants and less about how good an actual product it is. Based on the reviews placed on Amazon UK, it is clear that people who have bought the shower, have been happy. The positive reviews outnumber the negative reviews, so even if there are little gripes and moans here, you have to ask yourself if they are enough to stop you buying this luxurious electric shower.

>> Latest Amazon Price for the GROHE NTempesta 100, 9.5 KW Electric Shower <<