Creda 10.5kW All Chrome Electric Shower Review

Creda 53557581 10.5kW All Chrome Electric ShowerMost showers feature at least a little chrome here and there, as nice little contrasts to the rest of the design. However, what if you were looking for something that was entirely chrome. Something that will look match the rest of your bathroom fixtures and furniture in chrome. Something that gives a very modern but sophisticated look.

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Creda seems to have answered the demand for all chrome covered shower units with the 53557581 10.5 kW model. Creda have not spared attention to detail with regards to the that actual shower’s user-ability and functionality I favour of concentrating on the look and design however. As you will see from this review, the Creda 53557581 is as good as any model designed and manufactured by the long-running company.

If you are worried about forking out the cash for chrome, knowing how difficult it is to look after, have no fear as you will find information about cleaning and maintain a chrome shower on this site. e think this would be ideal if you were looking for something with a very eye-catching but subtle look and feel.

Although it is fair to say that looks aren’t everything, as you should be looking for something that delivers the fullest package of what you need and want from a shower. You can rest assured though, that Creda are known for making top-notch showers and as you will see from our review, this one is no different.

All Chrome Finishing

The full on chrome look actually looks really nice against a subtle background. It may not be to everyone’s taste though, but we think it looks really cool. The shower head, anti hose and riser rail are all finished the same and would look best in a bathroom with similarly coated furniture and fixtures.

Easy To Operate

You don’t really want to have to worry about setting various different settings when it’s shower time. You want to know that when you step under your shower, it will be the right temperature. This Creda electric shower is turned on and off at the touch of a button, making it very easy to use. There are 3 different power settings – cold, medium and high and the great thing is when you turn the shower off, the temperature and power is memorised for next time.

Eco-Power Option For Summer

If you are conscious about your impact on the environment, then this shower may suit you. It has the option to switch to eco power mode, which will reduce the power and warmth of the shower, when you don’t really need it to be as strong. This means that you can fine tune the volume of water you use and at the points in the year when you need to change it.

Full 3 Year Guarantee From Creda

Creda, as always, are willing to put their money and confidence in their products where there mouth is and have enabled this electric shower to be covered by their full 3 year guarantee. Although it may be that nothing happens and your shower remains in working order for some considerable time, having a guarantee to cover when things do go wrong, gives you peace of mind.


  • Easy to operate
  • Eco power saving mode
  • All chrome look
  • 3 year’s guarantee


  • Care is needed when using it on high as the high has been too hot for some customers


Looking at the reviews on the e-commerce site Amazon UK, it is easy to see that despite there being some people with misgivings about the water flow and how it is affected by the temperature, it is still a very popular product. Of the 92 people who reviewed this particular shower, 57 gave it the full 5 star rating and it scored an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5, which while it is not the highest rating, is still very good. Many felt that it was robustly constructed and for the price offered great value for money. Others commented on just how easy it was to install on their own, considering the reasonable price.

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If you are after a chrome look to complete your modern and sophisticated bathroom, this might be the electric shower for you. It is packed with just the right amount of class, features, easy to use functions, comes with a 3 year warranty and the mark of quality that is the Creda name.