How To Clean Your Electric Shower

clean electric showerWhen you start noticing your showerhead is not performing as well as it used to, it is definitely time to inspect it a little closer. Normally, over time, mineral deposits from the water that flows through the showerhead every day, starts to build up. This causes the nozzle to start squirting the water in various directions but straight down, and that’s if it doesn’t clog up completely and stop working entirely. You are then left with either a really slow and low flow rate or poor water pressure. However, all is not lost as you will see in the following post.

The interesting thing is that there are various brands and products out there claiming to be the best cleaning accessory for cleaning your shower, when all you really need is some vinegar and a lot of elbow grease. Below we have put together our favourite tips that will help you getting your showerhead back to looking and functioning as well as it did when you first bought and installed it.

Rub The Nozzles Clean

A large majority of modern shower heads have flexible rubber nozzles. In shower heads like these you can dislodge the mineral build-up just by massaging each individual nozzle with your finger. A toothbrush can also be useful for this kind of job.

Soak It In Vinegar

Vinegar, you probably normally look at it as the tasty condiment you drizzle over your salad or chips, it is actually a very useful cleaning product. There are a variety of ways you can use vinegar to clean your showerhead, including the following.

If you would rather leave it attached to the pipe in the wall, you can try filling a bag (plastic is best) full of vinegar and then wrap it around the dirty showerhead. Use a twist tie, some tape or a rubber band to secure it in place and leave the bag over the showerhead for at least a number of hours. Now that a couple of hours have passed, remove the bag and turn on a tap to rinse out the vinegar from the showerhead.

If you don’t find it too much trouble to remove the showerhead from the pipe, you can directly submerge the head in a container full of white vinegar. As with the above, allow it to sit submerged in the solution and once that time period is up, re-attach it to the pipe. You can now run water through the head as normal to clear it out after just 15 minutes.

Clean The Showerhead Filter Screen (If there is one)

Many shower heads nowadays also feature a filter screen which can be more annoying and you may well need to consult the user manual you received with your shower to check the correct process. Can’t find it any more? Don’t worry as you will be able to find a copy online on either the shower’s brand’s website, a third party website or by contact the brand’s customer service number.

Generally though, the filter screen on a showerhead is found in the section of the head that connects to the pump. Therefore, in order to get the filter screen out of the showerhead, you need to remove the from the piping first.

For some brands of showers it’s as simple as brushing gently where the filter is Failing this, you could try using either needle-nose pliers or tweezers to remove the screen from against the ball.

Once you have successfully managed to remove the filter screen from against the ball you cam hold it under running water from the tap to break off and flush out any built up minerals etc. You may also find it easier to remove built up minerals by using a toothbrush to gentle brush out the deposits.

After you have finished cleaning the filter screen, place it back in the pivot ball and then re-install the showerhead to the pipe accordingly.

NB – it is worth noting that harsh chemicals could damage your showerhead, so you need to think carefully before using any. Hence why we mentioned vinegar solutions in our above suggestions. Vinegar will not do any lasting damage to the showerhead and will kill off germs and help to remove any mineral build up and bacteria.

There you go – it doesn’t have to be particularly hard or labour intensive to clean your electric showerhead and the more regularly you do it, it will start to remain in good condition from a day to day perspective.