Choose the Right Fuse for Your Electric Shower

electric-shower-watt-kw-kilowattGetting the right electric shower is going to make you feel fantastic, as it will give you the perfect combination of power and temperature every single time.

Yet, not everyone takes the time to think about how to get the right fuse for their shower. This doesn’t have to be too difficult a task but if you don’t get it right then it could lead to problems and a great deal of frustration for you.

Check Out the Current Fuse

If have an existing shower fuse that you need to replace or get a back-up for then it should be easy enough to find out what rating you need. The first step is to look for the fuse box in your house.

With a bit of luck each of the fuses will be labelled and you can easily see the one that relates to the shower. In this case, it doesn’t matter whether you need an 8.5 kW shower fuse, a 10.5 kW fuse or a 9.5 kW shower fuse; you only have to replace the fuse that is currently linked to the shower.

If there are no labels to guide you but the fuse has blown then it should also be easy to find which one it is that you need to replace. In this case, you will want to look out for broken wires or burn marks on the fuse itself.

Calculating the Fuse Rating Needed

The good news is that if you don’t have a fuse to base your calculations on then this isn’t going to be a huge problem, although you might want to take this opportunity to get a qualified electrician to check out the wiring of your shower and see whether you need to upgrade anything.

If you decide to work out the fuse rating alone then as a rule of thumb you should be looking to use around 4 amps for every 1,000 watts of power. This means that an 8.5 kW shower fuse would normally be fine with 40 amps, although you will want to also check out the additional factors below.

You can use the same calculation method to find out how many amps you need for a 9.5 kW shower fuse, a 10.5 kW shower fuse or any other kind that you need. This is a rough and ready kind of calculation but it is usually good enough to do the job and get the right kind of fuse for your shower.

It is important to remember that you shouldn’t get a fuse that is a lot higher than you need, as well as not getting one that offers too low a level of protection.

If you aren’t comfortable doing this then you can go to a hardware store and tell them the power of your shower. The most likely is that they will use the same sort of calculation to work out the exact fuse that you need but it could put your mind at ease to see someone else doing the working out for you.

What Factors Could Influence This Figure

Of course, things might most always be this simple. One of the biggest factors to bear in mind is the voltage that you get at home. The calculation above is based on a 240 V AC supply, which is likely to be your figure if you live in the UK or Australia although it varies widely across the rest of the world.

The shower should obviously work in accordance with this voltage or this will make things a lot more complicated.

You will also want to see if the wiring that has been used to hook up your shower is adequate. Generally, the more powerful showers will need thicker cables connected to them, so a thin cable on something powerful like a 10.5 kW shower should raise an alarm.

Even if you have never had any problems in this respect, you should still want to be sure that you are fitting your new shower fuse to a circuit that has been properly and safely set up. Remember that you need to take the whole circuit into account, so if you decide to move up to a higher fuse rating then you need to assess the whole circuit.

Choosing the Right Fuse

Once you know what level of fuse rating you need it should be a simple enough task to choose the right fuse for your shower. You should find that the rating is writing on the side of the fuse, although in some cases it will be written on the end.

Therefore, provided that you have worked out your needs it should be easy enough to get the right one that you need.


Getting the right fuse shouldn’t be a problem if you go about it in the right way. Regardless of the power of your shower a simple process will help you to work out what you need.

Having said that, this is a matter that you will want to be absolutely sure about before you proceed. If you are in any doubt then get in touch with a professional electrician to help you out.