Bristan SM295 W Smile 9.5 kW Electric Shower Review

Bristan SM295 W Smile 9.5 kW Electric Shower ReviewThe great thing about the market for electric showers is that there is a wide variety of models at various prices and power values, and while this is by no means one of the more expensive models, the Bristan SM295 W Smile 9.5 kW is a little more expensive than the cheapest reviewed on this site, which at least suggests it may be good quality.

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Bristan is a name you have probably heard before and even if you have never owned a Bristan product yourself, it is likely that you know someone who has. They have been leaders in the shower and bathroom industry for at least 35 years and that does not look like it will change any time soon.

This Bristan is made from ABS plastic and gives you instanteanous hot water from the mains supply. A constant temperature is provided and a special device compensates for cahcnes in the pressure caused by various household fittings. It has great safety features such as pressure relief and thermal cut out and 3 power settings for Cold, Warm/Eco and Hot, as well as a separate temperature dial. As the on/off is a rotary dial, your shower settings are never changed from one use to the next. If you are looking for a fairly simple to use shower that provides a little more oomf, this is the one.

Sturdy And Reliable Construction

When you spend money, no matter how much, little or small, on something you are going to use most days and that it may be used by more than one person, you want to know it will put up with the hard usage. This is clearly why Bristan opted for ABS plastic for the shower, as it is not only a sturdy and reliable material, but also very easy to keep clean.

Sophisticated And Safe

The Bristan-SM295 is not only a very attractive and well made piece of showering engineering, it has also been made meticulously with the safety of its users in mind. Along with the on and off rotary dial there is also a pressure relief device and a thermal cut out. The thermal cut out is there to prevent the shower from overheating and if that does occur, it switches the shower off completely. The PRD or pressure relief device is a component that id designed to relieve any unnecessary levels of pressure within the heater assembly that can occur if the shower hose has collapsed or the showerhead is blocked. In the event that this activates, it is sign to replace it, but that is not a costly job and it’s better to have that safety feature than not.

There is also a TCD or temperature control device which is activated when the shower’s temperature gets too high and the water on the inside of the heater heats up too much. It switches off the power to the heating elements when this happens and it won’t function again until the temperature drops to a safe level.

Three Power Settings/Separate Temp Control

Everyone wants something different from their shower experience, which is why it is always good if there are some power options with regards to how hot or cold a shower will be. The Bristan-SM295 has three different setting, cold, warm, hot and in addition a separate temperature control for extra precision in finding the sweet spot.

Adjustable Riser

As you’d expect, this electric shower from Bristan comes with an adjustable riser so that you can always have the showerhead as low or high as you need it and it also includes an adjustable bottom bracket which is perfect for hiding unsightly tile joints and riser holes.


  • Simple to install
  • Same temperature settings every time


  • Lack of choice in spray types


In conclusion, if you are looking for an electric shower that is very classy, has been made to exacting high standards and is not only effective at doing the job its supposed to but is also safe – you need to consider investing in the Bristan-SM295. Although this particular has only received a total of 14 reviews on Amazon UK, the fact that 10 of those reviewers scored it full marks, means that you cannot ignore what customers are saying about it. Of course, you need to take a look at the fuller, wider picture but, it is still encouraging and that for the reasonable price it is for sale at the moment, it seems worth the risk.

>> Latest Amazon Price for the Bristan SM295 W Smile 9.5 kW Electric Shower <<