Bristan GLE105 B 10.5 kW Glee Electric Shower Review

Bristan GLE105 B 10.5 kWThe Bristan GLE105 has been designed to take power feeds and water feeds from various angles and entry points to enable it to replace any shower. Strong and robust design and easy to use with three different settings – Cold, One Heater for economy mode and Both. It features a well thought-out temperature dial and while it doesn’t compare to pumped mixer showers the stream is reasonably powerful.

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You are right to think that Bristan sounds familiar as they have worked in the tap, showers and bathroom industry for the best part of 35 years. As well as producing high quality products for domestic customers, they are also the supplier of choice for the likes of hospitals, leisure centres, colleges, schools and hotels.

They are based in Tamworth and it is thought that an average of 1 in every 5 people up and down the count has at least one of their bathroom products installed in their home. So if even if you do not have one of their products in your own home, you will know someone who does.

Reliably Study Construction

Spending money, regardless of how much, on things that you know need to suffer a lot of hard wear and use, is an important factor. Although you don’t need to spend a fortune for a good quality shower, if you spend too little you could get an electric shower that does not meet your needs and requirements. As this particular shower has been built from ABS Plastics, you know it is going to stay reasonable clean, will be simply to wash and is also long lasting and strong material.

Sophisticated And Safe

The Bristan GLEE is another very attractive piece of shower equipment from Bristan. It also has powerful and practical safety features that make using it that little bit easier. As well as the rotary on/off dial there is also a thermal cut-out and PRD. While the thermal cut-out device stops it from overheating, causing it to turn off completely; there is also a PRD or pressure relief device. This is a piece of equipment that relieves any over the top levels of unwanted pressure which can cause the internal heating elements to overheat because of a blocked showerhead or a collapsed shower hose.

It also has a temperature control device or TCD which is only set off when the water inside the heater gets too hot and when the actual shower’s temperature rises to an unsafe level. When this happens, the power switches off and the shower will not work until the whole unit has dropped down to a safe level again.

Separate Temperature Control And 3 Power Settings

The thing that makes this different from the other Bristan electric shower we have reviewed on this site is that it has a slightly higher power rating. As no two people will want the same from their shower, everyone in your household will want to select a different power and different temperature. With this particular model you have that option as there is 3 different power settings – hot, warm/eco and cold. To help tweak things even more there is also a separate temperature dial.

Adjustable Riser

As is more or less standard with electric and non-electric showers you get with this model from Bristan an adjustable riser which means you can have everything positioned at the right height for each person that uses it. There is also an adjustable bracket at the bottom which helps to hide the unattractive riser holes and tile joints.


  • Showerhead has three settings
  • Robust build
  • Quite Powerful


  • Can be tricky to install


In conclusion, this is another great shower from the well-respected British company Bristan. You just need to look at the high praise it has received on Amazon from customers who have actually parted company with their cash for it and have experience using it. Although what is good for one person isn’t always good for another, it still would seem to be a safe bet, if it is in your price range, that you consider this shower.

>> Latest Price for the Bristan GLE105 B 10.5 kW Glee Electric Shower <<