Best Electric Shower Brand?

Electric showers are becoming more and more popular these days, which is part of the reason for setting up a website like this one. The aim was always to have a place where people could come and check out various electric showers and find advice about them that would hopefully help them come to a decision about whether it was the right choice of shower for them or not.

This leads us to a very important question that many of you probably have after browsing this site or the search engine results, looking at the various brands and models of electric showers that are available – Just what is, if any, the best brand of electric shower?

The trouble with a question like that is it is highly subjective to personal taste and preference. While we might like on particular brand more than you, you might like a completely different brand and consider them to be the best. Does this actually mean either are better than the other? We would argue that no, it doesn’t. Therefore, rather than choosing just one brand to highlight we have decided to showcase some of the brands we have reviewed for this site and who are very popular and known for their high quality standards.

triton logoTriton

Triton Showers started life as Triton Aquathern Ltd in 1975 manufacturing just one shower and it wasn’t after some success and almost a whole decade later that their name changed to Triton Showers. By the end of the 80s that the company achieved a milestone as having over 2 million shower products and accessories, which is a number that continues to increase.

It is thanks to a combination of their after sales team and their innovative designs and masterfully manufactured showers that have enabled them to build a strong customer base.

We have written a review on a number of different power level electric showers from Triton. They are not always the fanciest, favouring good design and effectiveness over unnecessary extras, but Triton know how to make good value for money electric showers.


If you think you may have heard of the name Bristan before, it is likely that even if you haven’t got any of their taps and showers in your home, you know someone who has. For the last 35 years they have worked hard to increase their customer base and keep producing high quality products. Their products are so in demand in fact that many schools, hotels, colleges, leisure centres and hospitals use Bristan.

Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire they are one of the most in demand and most prolific producers of bathroom supplies with around 1 in 5 households using their products. Our reviews show that they live up to the company’s good name and attention to design and functionality.


As one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary and bathroom fittings, Grohe has sustainability , design, technology and quality at the forefront of its values. This evidently helps the German organisation to produce popular and great quality taps and showers, among other things.

By far the most luxurious electric shower (and most expensive) reviewed on this site is from Grohe and it is a very sophisticated piece of bathroom equipment.


In 1921, the company that would become Mira was started by James McFarlane Walker in London. Notably, in 1981 the company were the first to create and launch a domestic thermoscopic control for showers, which they dubbed Mira 915. It was only in 1986 that it changed its name to Caradon Mira. We have reviewed some Mira showers for this website and were impressed with them.

There are of course many other companies out there who produce fine quality electric showers, but you will notice from our reviews page that the majority we speak about are from the above list of manufacturers.

As with any product it comes down to a lot of factors when deciding which is best for you. This can depend on a number of different factors from available budget to how many people will be using it to how eco-friendly a shower you would like to have installed. So while we hope you read through our reviews and hope they prove helpful along with the other blog posts on this website – we do understand that what suits one person might not suit another. We are just happy if we were part of the process.